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Professional coaching and consulting for Ohio practice owners and social workers


Are you looking to make a move into private practice?

Are you looking to expand from solo to group practice?

Are you considering a career in the mental health field?

Are you a therapist seeking high-quality continuing education?

Are you looking into creating multiple streams of income to support yourself?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, you're in the right place!

I am passionate about helping fellow therapists increase their confidence,

elevate their practice, and improve their quality of life! 

My Story  

Since being in private practice, I have supported myself as a single person, as a single foster-parent of two inspiring girls (now adopted), and now as a married mother of three. My income has been adequate at each stage - and it can be the same for you! I have done my time in the world of Community Mental Health, have worked independently as both a contract therapist and a W2 therapist, grew further when I took on the role of clinical director of a large private practice, branched out and opened my own solo private practice, and now I am the founder and owner of a thriving group private practice!

I've learned the hard way and want to help you skip that part. I provide ethical and high quality guidance on:

  • Starting your private practice (including establishing an LLC, choosing a practice name, finding and furnishing your space)

  • Understanding the acronyms associated with running a successful therapy practice (EIN, NPI, SEO, LLC...)

  • Deciding how to set up your practice: employees vs 1099, reimbursement for therapists, insurance vs private pay

  • Tracking income and expenses

  • Understanding how the laws and rules of the board/insurance companies affect your practice

  • Understanding insurance (even if you don't take it): deductibles, co-pays, co-insurance, superbills

  • Creating paperwork and policies for the clients and your practice

  • Setting realistic growth goals and working on business mindset

  • Profit first mentality and zero-based budgeting

  • Marketing, networking, SEO optimization

  • Legal and ethical issues for practice owners

Let's get your ideas out of your head and distill them into tangible, measurable, and practical values-based steps. Having a business coach will improve your confidence and increase the likelihood of you reaching your goals. You know your clients are worth it... you also need to remember that YOU ARE WORTH IT!

"Alyx is a professional and her welcoming spirit allows her to be inclusive of all aspects of mental health. She is a wonderful person professionally and personally and I would highly recommend her services." - Mr. Jared Michael Alexander

"Consulting and collaborating with Alyx was such a stress-free experience. She gave me insights into her experience and helped me understand what I need to focus on and do in order to go from a solo practice to starting a group practice. Alyx also answered questions, I didn't even know I had! I really enjoyed meeting with her and highly recommend her if you are considering next steps in/for your business" -La'Keyta I. Hoffmann, LPCC-S

"The way you run your practice and your mission is something I will be taking into my own. You've figured out the way to offer therapists the autonomy and the respect they deserve in the workplace. This has hands down been the most enjoyable work environment I've been in, in my career!" - Jordan Haire LPCC-S




Rates for consulting:

$150/hour, you can book one hour at a time


$500 retainer and time can be billed in 15 minute increments

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