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Enrolling Now!

Our Adult DBT Skills Classes are enrolling now! We offer skills classes virtually at the following times:

Tuesdays 9:30-11am

Thursdays 4-5:30pm


More About DBT

What is Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and Do I Need it?

DBT was originally created to treat chronic suicidality and borderline personality disorder; however, in recent decades it has been found to be an evidenced based treatment for most all mental health disorders!   DBT is a structured approach to treatment which allows you to gain knowledge in an efficient way.  DBT teaches skills across four modules: interpersonal effectiveness (communication skills), distress tolerance (short-term and long-term crisis skills), emotional regulation (how to manage emotions), and mindfulness skills (ways to stay present in life). 


I find that DBT is helpful for any person who is struggling with at least three of these five areas (struggling in one or two areas can be targeted in traditional therapy):

1. socially/interpersonally - struggles within relationships you have peers, authority figures, romantic partners and/or family members

2. behaviorally - problematic behaviors, urges, and/or addictions

3. cognitively - thinking errors and cognitive distortions

4. Identity - struggling with who you are as a person

5. Emotionally - difficulties managing emotions more than peers

What is expected of me in DBT?


DBT is a more intense level of treatment than you might be accustomed to in traditional therapy. Here is what you will need to do:

1. Sign up for DBT skills class

2. Attend weekly therapy with a therapist on the team or another therapist at Inclusive Counseling. You must have had a minimum of 12 therapy sessions prior to starting skills class. 

3. Track your moods and urges weekly on a diary card or diary card app and report them to your individual therapist.

4. Purchase DBT Skills Training Manual 

5. Attend weekly skills class for one year

6. Do the homework assigned in skills class each week and process it in your individual therapy appointment

It took far longer than one year to get to where you are. It will take time and effort to achieve your life worth living!

Testimonials from another therapist:

"Thank you so much for your work with a client who recently completed two rounds of DBT.  They have made so much progress in spite of being quiet in group.  We have finally reached a place that we can start to work on their cPTSD now that there is a safe container of skills."

"So thankful for your team’s work!  People with cPTSD often take time. DBT really has opened several clients eyes to a whole new world."

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