Laura Buel MSW, LSW



I am so thankful that you are considering for me to be a part of this journey towards healing with you. 


Everyone has their own story and you have yours. Every person has their own story; one that contains the good and the bad. Some days the sun is bright and warm as the wind gracefully brushes against your skin. Some days are rainy days where it’s not pouring, but it is overcast, and you may be able to hear the thunder miles out. Then there are days with a complete downpour; you see the lightning and hear the thunder and the wind is so strong that permanent structures are torn apart. Life is unpredictable, unfair, and sometimes life just hurts. Our lives are filled with sunny days, rainy days, and storms. We all have experienced unpredictable and painful storms. As we work together, we WILL discover the light within the dark storm. 


Who is welcome? 

Everyone, including you! If you are of youth years, young adult years, adult years, or geriatric years, I am here for you. No matter your race, ethnicity, or culture, I am here for you. No matter your sexual orientation or gender identity, I am here for you. I fully believe you are wonderful just the way you are. You will be cared about, welcomed, and heard. 


Personal Experience 

I am a licensed social worker in the state of Ohio with undergraduate and graduate degree in social work, awarded from Northern Kentucky University. I have worked in mental health community organizations as well as mental health hospitals where I worked therapeutically with adults and geriatrics with diagnoses related to but not limited to depressive disorders, anxiety disorders, mood disorders, personality disorders, psychotic disorders, and PTSD. I have served as a volunteer coach/counselor for youth camps and family camps where I therapeutically supported children and adolescents as well as assisted in rebuilding familial relationships. Each population that I have served have all experienced diversities related to race and ethnicity, culture, sexual orientation and gender identity, and religious beliefs. 


I am passionate about trauma-informed care approaches. Meaning, I believe in the perspective of “what happened to you” rather than “what is wrong with you?” I will use psychoeducation, evidence-based therapies, and strength-based therapies to assist you in processing and navigating life. 


I am (now for the fun stuff!): 

  • A cat lover (just ask about Nibbles and Saint Nick)

  • Obsessed with Marvel, Harry Potter, and Kingdom Hearts #nerdout

  • A writer

  • A friend 

  • A believer in Christ

  • An ally of the LQBTQ community

  • An empath

  • An advocate

  • A therapist 


Now that you know a little bit about me, I would love to learn more about you! I am excited to meet you and am here for you each step of the way. 

Laura treats:

  • Mood disorders (anxiety/depression)

  • Life stress and transitions

  • Children and adults

  • Trauma

  • Divorce stress

  • Eating disorders

  • Anger management

  • Self-harm

Licensed Social Worker (Ohio) S.2207582 (Verify)

Laura is under the supervision of Alexandria Fields MSW, LISW-S, LCSW ( Ohio License I.1101566-SUPV) and you can reach Alexandria by emailing or calling (513) 999 - 5506

Insurances Accepted:

  • Standard Ohio Medicaid

  • Private Pay Rate of $65/session

  • Anthem

  • Caresource